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Successful entrepreneurs understand that managed growth requires a diversity of skill sets in specialized areas of business expertise such as Financial Management / Marketing / Human Resources & Operations.

Pharus Group is a full service external management team providing out-sourced business management services for small to mid-sized organizations and professionals. We provide seasoned management expertise and support services to guide day-to-day operations, growth and profitability.

The Pharus Group philosophy and business model are designed to support multiple industry sectors in the “business” of business. Our initiative is to focus on the areas outside of the business owners’ core competency and provide guidance and support with the operational management issues to effectively realize profitable growth and equity development.

  • Exec
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Operation
  • Training

  • Are you planning for growth?
  • Do you understand your financial statements?
  • Is your turnover rate too high?
  • Having trouble with problem employees?
  • Cash flow problems?
  • Do you have an exit strategy?
  • Seeking working capital to fund growth?

  • Is your business "bankable"?

  • Experiencing rapid growth?
  • Do you have accurate job descriptions?
  • Need an Employee Policy Handbook?
  • Need help recruiting employees?
  • Is your website bringing you business?
  • Need help with SEO?
Advisory Services
Executive Coaching
Virtual Board of Directors
Change Management
Financial Support
Virtual CFO Service
Cash Management
Funding Preparedness
Operational Services
Strategic "Thinking"
Organizational Structure
Cost Reduction
Business Plans
Human Resources
Employee Policy Handbook
Job Descriptions
Compensation Plans
Employee Training
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Customer Service
Sales Training
Sales & Marketing
Competitive Market Analysis
Market Research
Corporate Branding
Website Design